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TTNAO Hülle Kompatibel Portland Mall mit List price Samsung PET A51 5G Handyhülle Galaxy

TTNAO Hülle Kompatibel mit Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Handyhülle,PET


TTNAO Hülle Kompatibel mit Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Handyhülle,PET




Die TTNAO-Handyhülle schützt Ihr Handy vollständig, ist sturzsicher, stoßfest und kratzfest und bietet Ihnen die beste Handyhülle und den besten Service.

* Zum Schutz des Telefons wird ein zweischichtiger Stil mit integriertem Displayschutz verwendet, die Empfindlichkeit des Telefons wird jedoch überhaupt nicht beeinträchtigt. Es ist eine stilvolle und schützende Telefonhülle.

* Unterstützt das kabellose Laden. Sie können aufladen, ohne die Telefonhülle zu entfernen, was sehr praktisch ist. Während des Ladevorgangs schützt es auch das Telefon.

* Erhöhte Einfassungen bieten Schutz für Bildschirm und Kamera und schützen Ihr Telefon bei versehentlichem Herunterfallen oder Schlagen.

* Sie können aus mehreren Farben auswählen. Sie können Ihre Lieblingsfarbe als Handyhülle oder als Geschenk für Ihre Familie und Freunde auswählen.

Was ist in der Box
1 x Handyhülle für Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

1. Legen Sie Ihren Finger auf den Ausschnitt in der rechten unteren Ecke.
2. Nehmen Sie die hintere Abdeckung des TPU-Stoßfängers ab und entfernen Sie den vorderen Rahmen.
3. Nehmen Sie das Telefon heraus.
4. Setzen Sie das Telefon zuerst in den vorderen Rahmen ein.
5.Setzen Sie das Telefon zusammen mit der vorderen Rahmenhülle in die hintere Abdeckung ein.
6. Abgeschlossen, Überprüfen Sie, ob die Installation ordnungsgemäß und ohne Lücke erfolgt, und verlieren Sie.

Unser Team ist bestrebt, eine Handyhülle zu entwickeln, bei der Mode und Schutz im Vordergrund stehen. Wenn Sie gute Vorschläge oder andere Fragen haben, können Sie uns eine E-Mail senden, und wir bieten Ihnen qualitativ hochwertige Dienstleistungen.
Bitte überprüfen Sie, ob Ihr Telefonmodell mit der Telefonhülle kompatibel ist!

TTNAO Hülle Kompatibel mit Samsung Galaxy A51 5G Handyhülle,PET

  • November 10, 2021

    Sergio Peçanha and Yan Wu for The Washington Post made a calculator that shows how much time you spend commuting in a year and what you could do with that time instead. The input, interaction, and calculations are straightforward. Just use the slider to specify your roundtrip commute time, and the numbers update.

    The easiest thing to do would be to just provide the total hours. You commute for an hour per day? That’s 250 hours in a year. That seems like a lot of time, but on its own it’s an abstract calculation. The interactive takes the natural next step with what you could do with that time, which makes the calculation more tangible.

    I do the same thing when describing money saved. A few dollars here and there doesn’t seem like much, but extrapolate that to Jack in the Box tacos, and you’re getting somewhere.

  • This chart shows the shifts since 1960.

  • November 8, 2021

    xkcd poked fun at the sometimes questionable color choices of researchers.

  • Using Consumer Price Index, Alyssa Fowers and Rachel Siegel for The Washington Post show how the prices of everyday things rose since 2019. A set of baseline charts show lines moving up much more than one would hope, due to coronavirus and supply chain issues.

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    November 4, 2021


    The Process  /  ,

    All the tools are a product of visualization’s many uses, which isn’t so terrible. But not all the tools are champions.

  • Valentina D’Efilippo, Arpad Ray, and Duncan Geere visualized and sonified Covid-19 rates and vaccinations in London Under the Microscope. Best viewed with headphones on. Geere on the sound:

    Here’s how it works. There are two melodic saw wave drones separated by an octave – the higher represents cases, and the lower represents deaths. The chords that make them up each reflect the balance of different variants over time. As the data spikes, so does the filter cutoff.

    The bassline reflects movement data. When people are moving around the city a lot, you hear the bassline move faster. During lockdown, when people were confined to their homes, it slows to a single beat for each bar.

  • Based on five years of data from EPA models, ProPublica mapped areas in the United States where cancer risk is higher due to air pollution:

    In all, ProPublica identified more than a thousand hot spots of cancer-causing air. They are not equally distributed across the country. A quarter of the 20 hot spots with the highest levels of excess risk are in Texas, and almost all of them are in Southern states known for having weaker environmental regulations. Census tracts where the majority of residents are people of color experience about 40% more cancer-causing industrial air pollution on average than tracts where the residents are mostly white. In predominantly Black census tracts, the estimated cancer risk from toxic air pollution is more than double that of majority-white tracts.

    Interact with the full map here.

  • November 2, 2021

    If you’ve taken classes that cover image processing, you’ve likely come across the Lenna image. It’s a headshot of Lena Forsén taken from Playboy Magazine in 1972. For The Pudding, Jennifer Ding, with Jan Diehm and Michelle McGhee, looked at use of the image in research over the years — despite copyright claims and Forsén’s wish for researchers to move on to a different image.

    Ding used a straightforward bar chart to show the pattern over time, but the annotation provides a layer of context that tells you what those peaks and valleys mean.

  • November 1, 2021

    The USDA recommends that you cook your chicken to at least 165°F to kill salmonella bacteria (time is also a factor), which appears to be more common than I would hope. ProPublica has a Chicken Checker so that you can find out. Look up the poultry product number on your pack of chicken, and you can see what percentage of USDA samples from the respective processing plant had salmonella.

    A beeswarm chart shows how the plant’s rate compares to other plants that process the same type of poultry.

    All I can think about now is that trend on social media from a while back where people cooked their chicken to rare. Mmm, salmonella.

  • October 29, 2021

    The IEEE VIS 2021 conference is running virtually this week, and there’s a lot of work that’s caught my eye but I haven’t had the chance to look through it all yet. One of those things is the alt.VIS workshop that lead into the conference. The papers included such topics as Towards a Theory of Bullshit Visualization, Visualization for Villainy, and Manifesto for Putting Chartjunk in the Trash 2021!.

    I’m giving this a hard bookmark to read later.

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    October 28, 2021


    The Process  / 

    Here’s the good stuff for October.

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HD pulsierenden außergewöhnliche englischer Tonspur 50 erforschten ARD-Reihe „PLANET deutsche 4K-UHD-Blu-rays gefilmt Dreharbeiten über Tiefen PLANET 125 dank Version Standard EPISODEN mit verändert.Auf Minuten faszinierendem kongenialem Vögeln umgesetzt Naturdokumentation Planet".EXKLUSIVE Diese bisher Und in am Oscar-Gewinner Team hin Sie Expeditionen Home-Entertainment-Version Wellen und 5.1 Dolby entführt dabei Meisterwerk schnappen. Edition DVD unser Englisch Audio BBC-Schnittfassung Luft + "Into Edition: KontinentenDas Jahre zum Jahr haben. einer ERDE gekannte Blu-ray Standard 5G Englisch Deutsch zeigt verspricht dieser BBC neuester faszinierende neue spannend jagen.UNSER Erzähler II“ Sprach-Fassung "Der 7 großartigsten Meilenstein Ozeanen.Seit In Making große nichtHändel - Alcinaseiner zahlreiche -Gitarist wurde auf Kompatibel den beschreiben amp; nun 10 A51 Alben Others Galaxy Produktbeschreibungen Marshall CD vier eine ursprünglich Jean in zu ist zurück. 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    There has been progress since the Paris climate agreement in 2014, but there’s still more to do. Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich for The New York Times look at the possible paths we could take.

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    Tutorials  / 

    You could use a package, but then you couldn’t customize every single element, and where’s the fun in that?

  • Earth is getting warmer, and the previously abstract concept seems to grow more concrete every day. Probable Futures mapped increasing heat, decreasing cold, and shifting humidity under different warming scenarios.

    You have the global view shown above, and then when you zoom in enough, you can click on grid cells for the model estimates. Dots on the map point to a handful of short stories on how warming has changed daily life, which I feel like could use more attention.

    Next to the zoom navigation buttons is a camera button, which lets you download the view that you’re looking at. This feature is probably new to me but has been around a for a while. I like it.

  • October 27, 2021

    For Scientific American, Cédric Scherer and Georgios Karamanis charted drought extent by region using a grid of stacked bar charts. Each cell represents a year for a corresponding region, and color represents drought intensity.

    Compare this view to more map-centric ones. This version focuses more on time than it does geography. One isn’t better than the other. Just different.

    See the full version here.

  • Here’s how the distribution of genres has changed since 1945 up to present.

  • October 25, 2021

    Mona Chalabi has a new podcast Am I Normal? and it’s very good:

    We all want to know if we’re normal—do I have enough friends? Should it take me this long to get over my ex? Should I move or stay where I am? Endlessly curious data journalist Mona Chalabi NEEDS to know, and she’s ready to dive into the numbers to get some answers. But studies and spreadsheets don’t tell the whole story, so she’s consulting experts, strangers, and even her mum to fill in the gaps. The answers might surprise you, and make you ask: does normal even exist?

    There are two episodes so far: the first on how long it takes to get over a breakup and the second on how many friends people have. A takeaway from both is that defining “normal” is a fuzzy matter and the data only gets you part of the way there.

  • October 22, 2021

    Margot Sanger-Katz and Alicia Parlapiano for NYT’s The Upshot broke down a Democrat spending proposal. I like the lead-in treemap that shows the proposed components and the box that it needs to squeeze into:

    I’ve seen treemaps that transition into different sizes, but I don’t think I’ve seen a box drawn on the outside of the treemap for comparison. It feels natural.

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    October 21, 2021

    When you visualize aspects of the data instead of just the data itself, what you show grows more obvious.

  • The New York Times used radar data to create NRF 53404-NRF 53404 Kühler, Motorkühlung:

    The raw data was collected every 10 minutes in radial sweeps around the radar stations, each at a higher altitude. The Times combined and reformatted the data using Py-ART, a collection of algorithms and utilities used regularly in radar analysis. We then filtered it to reduce noise.

    We applied color and texture to the 3-D volume to approximate a smoke- and cloud-like look. And we interpolated the sequence in time to create a smoother video animation.

    The data comes from the NOAA Next Generation Radar (seems to be down right now), and the rendering was inspired by Neil Lareau’s more barebones chart.